Her silky black hair flowing in the wind. The lights of Tokyo shone, as she stepped to the edge of the roof of the building. Her steel gray eyes mirrored the lights of the buildings around her. Without a flinch she fell forward into a dive. With such grace she twisted and turned in the air.

She brought her wrist to chest level and whispered something. The wrist watch like item responded with a blue light. Mid fall she was enswarmed in a blue twirling light. She then disappeared into nothing. She reappeared in a bank, the force of her enterance slide her down the hall. She stopped and didn’t make a movement. She opened up her make up clamp and blew into it. The dust revealed an infared beam.

She slide down the rest of the hallway. She stood up in the main room and dusted herself off.
“Figured you’d be here.” said a man standing across the room.
“You knew I couldn’t resist.” she said her back still turned.
“ShameI have to kill you now.” he replied taking out a gun.
“Shame you can’t.” she said.

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