Intense [2]

With that she pulled a grapeling gun from her pocket in a flash and shot up to a 2nd floor balcony. She was now airborne and she dodgged bullets with ease. The reflections of the bullets were blurred on her black jump suit. She got to the 2nd floor and sprung off the railing at him. She was still dogdging the glassy bullets.

She landed in a sprint towards him. She was in front of him in less than two seconds of her landing. She quickly kissed him on his neck and he fell to the floor. She brought her wrist to her chin.
“I got him, he’s down.” she said.
“Good.” someone replied.

She walked down a flight of stairs. This woman makes robbing a bank look like a catwalk. She walked into the security control room. She placed two little devices on oppisite sides of a control pannel. They projected a holographic blueprint of everything inside it. When she touched it she could do anything to it.
“How low tech.” she said mockingly.

Someone grabbed her shoulder.
“Move, and we both die.” they said.

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