A Fond Farewell

A fond farewell to all my fellow Ficleteers, until such time we might meet again.

I haven’t been on much in recent months, as I have been working on a major writing project off-line. So, imagine my surprise when I logged on here the other day only to find the days left here are numbered. Such a shame.

It is my hope, as it is the hope of others here, that this creative forum morphs and lives on in some other form. It was, to me, reminiscent of my college creative writing classes—writing original material, collaborating, sharing, critiquing. A lot of fun!

It is my hope many of you choose to continue writing. There are countless sparks of brilliance posted on this site.

My thanks to all who either read, commented and/or sequeled my works here. I’m glad they were enjoyed and well thought of.

A special thanks to Mr. Wil Wheaton. If not for his blog (, I might not have ever been turned onto Ficlets in the first place.

As I have always done, I will finish at 1,024 and no less.

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