Agonize over Protagonize


I feel all these things about the end of Ficlets. I was a newbie – I had posted under ten stories. Why so much emotion?

I think I know. It was the Potential of the site. I couldn’t be on as much as I wanted with two small children, but I could come up with ideas to be executed in short story form. They could be written, edited, and polished in an evening or two, a blink of an eye in Mommy-time. Whether or not I found the time to do it was immaterial to my desire to.

And also, where are my reviewers going to be, so that I can hope that they still read my stuff? I want THX ’s first and exciting review, Wyatt’s crisp appraisal, Mistress Elsha’s gasps of surprise.

What am I to do now? I check out other writing sites, and I’m just not sure they’ll do what this does. I’m not sure they have the Potential.

I lament my loss, and have signed up with Protagonize. But it won’t be Ficlets. And that’s a sad thing.

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