Blueberry Pancakes

She never did like to stay in one place. I could see it in her eyes. She got tired of living up to the expectations that were forced upon her. After awhile, she wants to get away.

Blueberry pancakes. The story she told me. How this old fashioned diner had the best in the world. She said if she ever ran away you could find her there, at least on the first day.

I pull over a taxi, and show him the address for the diner. The car is like a bubble, and although it is a little deserted around here, I don’t feel alone. Something about visiting a new place brings the joy of being with all the people around you. The driver pulls into the parking lot. I get out.

This diner has no neighbors, it just stands on it’s own. It’s a little poetic. Alone in an unfair world, yet it still is thriving. I walk through the door.

Here is where it begins. Blueberry Pancakes are the rifle being fired to start the race.

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