this story is dedicated to christopher james henry.
this is not a true story.

i first noticed christopher when i was four.
he was eleven and a half.
we grew up together as across the way neighbors.
even when he was at the age where boys start to get embarassed, he played with me.
i didnt appreciate it until now.

you see when i was four, i developed a little crush thingy on him. you know, those stupid little kid crushes. have you ever seen those? where grown ups think its supposedly cute because youre so young you dont know anything? and everybody laughs because its just so adorable? and when you as a little kid you just sits there and smile, while the guy over there is blushing from being humiliated in front of everyone? well yeah, that what it was…

“aww chris! isnt it adorable that elizabeth has a crush on you?”

“uhh…why?” asks chris.

“i dont know but its cute! dont worry its just a little crush and she will eventually grow out of it.”

the truth is that, i never did.

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