childhood (part 2)

i grew up in a town where everybody knew everybody, so nobody really have to worry about their kids being kidnapped.

i absolutely loved it when the neighborhood kids gathered in someones yard and played. chris always made sure to invite me and my older brother. he’d come knock on our door and ask my mom if we could come and play. my brother was already in high school and he was too cool to come. but i always went. chris always made sure i was having fun and that i was okay.

his friends always asked why he watched over me when i was never his responsibility.

“i just need to,” he said.

there was no particular reason why he watched over me though. i know for sure he never like-liked me, of course i was practically a baby, and there was an 8 1/2 age gap. when youre young, you dont know about age. he liked everyone though, and was liked by everyone else. he very charismatic even at a very young age, and im pretty sure i wasnt the only girl who liked him.

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