third grade heartbreak (part 3)

i remember when i was in the third grade. it was my first heartbreak.

i was in my room with the curtains of my window sliding door opened. There was a balcony, and Christopher had a similar room so therefore i could see his.

i was sitting in my room reading a book and i saw him putting a tie on. what for? , i thought. hes all dressed up. he sure looked “handsome.” (since i didnt know the word “hott” or “cute” or “attractive”.....i was eight!) then i remembered he was going to something called homecoming, whatever that was. then he looked across and waved hi to me. i waved hi back, and then went back to reading. then i saw him walking down the street to katies house. she came out in a pretty dress and they walked to the car. they were hooking elbows or something and then he opened the door for her. what a nice guy. you always see those things in the movies but you dont really think guys are like that. one of their parents drove them to the school.

and i just sat there on my bed, heartbroken.

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