sixth grade (part 4)

it always hurt when i saw him get dressed up for dances and taking some other girl. after he was in high school, he didnt play with me much. i saw him at block parties, and he occasionally came to play with all the other kids. he was always busy studying, or he had football practice. after he went to a local community college. but i got to spend a little bit of time with him in the sixth grade.

you see in sixth grade i started understand more about life. i knew i really liked christopher, and that it wasnt a crush anymore. i was in love with this guy.

i thought up a clever plan. i knew christopher was really good at math. everybody knew it. i was…average at it. i started flunking math, and i told my mom i need a tutor. she suggested chris. my brilliant idea worked. so later that day when chris came home, my mom called his house and asked if he would tutor me. to my luck, he said he would monday-friday. i was happy yet nervous, but i appreciated that he would take time out of his schedule, just for me.

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