sixth grade (part 5)

every day after school i went to chris’s house. his parents were working so it was just me and him. we sat at the kitchen table and ate cookies and milk and peanut butter and jelly sanwiches. sometimes we would sit on the floor. or the steps. or outside. or sometimes we had picnics. each day of tutoring was different something to look forward to. we’d finish my homework, and sometimes we would just sit around and talk. my stomach always ached with butterflies when i looked into his pretty blue eyes. his teeth were straight and his smile left me dazzled. he was 6”00 and i was 5’3”, and to me he was someone i looked up to, physically and emotionally. everytime i left he always gave me a big hug. i guess the difference of our heights or age didnt matter, because i fit perfectly into his arms and thats all that mattered to me.

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