friday nights (part 6)

my grades eventually started to pick up, but i still went over to just talk. this continues until my sophomore year of high school. every friday we always talked and baked cookies and cupcakes. on the day of a big school dance, we were talking and he asked me why i didnt go to my school dance.

“i didnt get asked.” i said.

“so, you dont have to be asked. you shouldve went to go have fun with your friends. maybe meet new guys…”

“well i didnt want to go. i dont want to meet new guys either. i already like this other guy,” i said softly.

“oh really? welllll does he like you?”

“not the way i wished he did. just as friends. it makes me really sad. it broke my heart when i saw him go out with this other girl to a dance.” i said in an almost whisper.

“oh, well maybe he doesnt know you like him. “

“maybe, but id rather be here spending time with you than go to some dance.”

“aww.” he gave me a big hug. “same here. i look forward to fridays and i always remember not to make plans.”

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