Lady Pirate

The pirate is just a thief at sea. The pirate steals from the rich for his own benefit, and that of his crew.

That’s why Captain Black Rose was not a pirate. Well, not in her eyes. She commandeered her first vessel at the tender age of 17. She shot a gun as well as any man, swung from the rigging like a true sailor, and plotted courses for large, rich vessels loaded with the King’s monies that just happened to cross her path. Her ship, The Black Heart was won in a gambling match. She found she had a penchant for the game. She gambled only in dark corners, hooded, and only against the King’s men. The ship was the ultimate snub at the King. She knew that once she set sail, she could never return.

She hated the King of Bal’Wren. She hated the whole idea of a King. Why did one man get to rule everything and live off of the hard-earned monies his people made? Taxes. They were to be his downfall! The people had had enough of his Taxes. She was just doing the people a favor.

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