Lady Pirate 2

Her crew were made of the poorest of the poor. She gave them jobs! She gave them food, shelter, and adventure! She paid her crew when they reached their secret island port, and paid them a fair share. They in turn followed her like obedient dogs.

She never again graced one of the King’s ports, never let her crew go back to their old haunts. The chance that she’d be caught was too high. She’d been careful, even made a few human sacrifices, regrettably, to build her reputation. She wanted to be feared.

Feared she was. Rumor had it she was the fiercest Pirate Captain on the sea. People whispered about her in pubs. They said she’d captured a King’s frigate and left not a man alive, let it sail right into home port on the winds, unmanned, like a ghost ship. It had been gutted of even the fine moldings around the Captain’s door!

Another fine tale is the one where she had a pet sea monster she could call with a whistle. Charmed it with her feminine wiles.

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