The paddle boat and the late night mystery Pt.4

“If you had told me where we were going.” That was a lie.
“I’m not sure where we need to go.” He replied.
My stomach flipped. What?
He went back to paddling, I stared off the side of the boat. My mind was numb, I couldn’t think of where we could be going. And it was obvious he wasn’t going to answer me.
About an hour later He woke me up, I had dozed off to sleep. I don’t know how.
“We’re here” he said.
I looked up, all I saw was green light. My eyes blurred as i struggled to focus. It was a building, and a green light shone through the glass. He got out of the boat and grabbed me by the arm and helped me climb on to the dock. As we walked up I saw a woman coming down the brick pathway to come meet us. we were expected?

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