All Around Me- Flyleaf {Song Challenge}

An’s wrists were aching from pulling against the restraints. Though the leather was considered “padded,” it didn’t help when her desperation sent her into twisting convulsions.

My hands are searching for you; My arms are outstretched towards you; I feel you on my fingertips; My tongue dances behind my lips for you.

She let out a labored sigh, allowing her eyes to close. A tear found its way down her temple and into her dark tangled hair.

This fire rising through my being; Burning I’m not used to seeing you.

Her mother stood near the door with the doctor, “I don’t know when she stopped taking her meds,” she told him as they watched An. He nodded as he listened. “I knew it was back when she separated her closet. Like I had two daughters in one room.”

I can feel you all around me; Thickening the air I’m breathing; Holding on to what I’m feeling; Savoring this heart that’s healing.

An’s fists clenched, then she relaxed. A smile tugged her lips and she opened her eyes. “Mom?”

I’m alive. I’m alive.

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