History of The Necronomicon, Part II

The man is old in years, his frail fingers giving this away even though the entirety of his visage is shrouded in shadow. His quill touches paper as he writes: “Lupercus, 1913. This morn ye were born, grandson. Once I die, boy, this book shalt be yr. Guide. Ye need learnt o’ Yog-Sothoth, o’ his gifts & o’ his treachery. Ye need learnt o’…â€? Our vision glides to the right, to a great & odorous book fast falling to pieces with age & worm-holes; the title reads NECRONOMICON : A True and Faithful Translation from the Greek by Dr. John Dee.

The Old Wizard Whateley continues writing: “_Al Azif_, the Book o’ Marvels known’t t’ man as The Necronomicon. Author’d by Abdul Alhazred after years in the desert, time which made him unkept & driven t’ madness. No longer was he an indiffernent Moslem, for he had found faith in The Roba El Kyaliyeh. The frightful path he venturt led to a city, spoken of by the howling ones. Nam’t Irem, the City o’ Pillars.â€?

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