A Midnight Snack.

Stan stopped on the side walk to catch his breath. The torrential rain flicked off his eye lids and dripped off his lips. It pressed his grey shirt onto his heaving chest. The dotted lines of street lamps blended in with random lights in house windows. He had been running as fast as he could, for as long as he could, and now, as freezing air pumped in and out of his lungs, it felt safe to rest as he staired down the street.

There was a flash of lightning and the dotted lines disappeared, except for one. Stan couldn’t belive it. No less than 200 feet down the road was the monster he had been running from, the lantern it was carrying bobbing up and down as it came closer.

Stan dashed to the nearest house, which like everyone else, was pitch black. His fists grew numb pounding on the door, which burst open.

Standing at the threshold was a hideous mix between a Hyaena and a bullfrog, that waved a flickering lantern, and grinned with its wide mouth of jagged teeth.

“Just in time for a midnight snack!”

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