Fighting on the Dark Road

I drove for about an hour. I became more worried with each passing minute. My hands eventually began to shake, and I gripped the steering wheel tighter. It was so dark, I could scarcely even see the road.

Finally, my car’s headlights caught something. I quickly stopped and hopped out of the car to see three figures in the middle of the road, near a parked car. One of the figures was standing perfectly still. The other two were in a rather brutal fight.

I heard grunting, yelling, and whimpering. In the dark, I could not make out whether these shadows were women or men. But, the smaller of the two seemed to be winning the fight. Kicks and punches were continually thrown until the larger figure fell to the ground in pain, dropping a small object from their hand.

The person that had remained immoble now ran toward the winner of the fight. I caught a glimpse of them in the lights coming from my car and saw that it was Wesley and Joe.

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