Memoir Challenge: My Time at Ficlets

When I first heard about Ficlets, I thought it was neat. A chance to rub shoulders with greats like Wil Wheaton or John Scalzi, even at a distance.

But when I actually started writing, I found that Wheaton and Scalzi never did more than a handful of ficlets each—but there were a lot of other awesome writers here, some of whom would happily join in with me. At least for a while.

Of course, I found that far more ficlets went unsequelled than not. Even the ones that did get sequels tended to die out sooner or later. One of my best co-writers, SJHundak, essentially vanished for the last few months. I hope he’s okay. (I’ve spidered and archived his ficlets just in case he didn’t get to.)

All in all, though, Ficlets was a net bonus. I got some cool writing done, came up with some great story ideas, met some great people. I’m really going to miss it.

But who knows? Maybe someone else will start a K-at-a-time writing site after the 15th. I’m going to keep watching Kevin Lawver’s blog, just in case.

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