Wytherwings (Ficlets Memoir Challenge)

I first heard about Ficlets through my best bud, Wytherwings. I don’t really call her Wytherwings in real life, so if it is okay, I’m going to call her Camillo. Then again, when I think about it… I call her Camille, unless I’m online or texting. Okay, decision. Camillo. (You thought I was going to go with Camille, didn’t you? I came up with Camillo, so yeah, Camillo.)

Now, that was a over a year ago. I remember that day. George (ACORN) and her were talking about this thing called Ficlets, and so naturally I was curious (I am a very curious person, if you didn’t know that). So, I ask and Camillo explains it. I say that sounds cool or something. Haha, she then says, “You know, you have to write stuff…” I guess she didn’t know how much I loved to write.

Well, sixteen pages later (on ficlets anyway), here we are. It all started by the brilliant, internet nerd (that is a compliment), I call my friend.

We aren’t finished yet with this little story folks, I’m just low on characters so I have to make a sequel.

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