First Ficlet

Haha, I achieved nirvana on that last one. =D

I logged onto this very mysterious site (that had a really cool name) and made friends with my nerd friend and… George (haha sorry, I’m having a lot of fun writing this). The first ficlet I ever read was Camillo’s first one. It was about a girl thinking about her life three years ago (I’m going off memory, so that… could be completely wrong). From then on, I just kept reading, kept logging on.

The first Ficlet I wrote was called Moments That Define, it was on how we believe there will be one single moment that will define us. At the end I ask the question, “Why can’t we have seconds, minutes, times, and moments that define us?”

It’s a little ironic that that moment defined me. I didn’t realize it, but it did. See this Ficlet kingdom, has become a home to me. It’s hard to leave a home you’ve grown up in.

Sequel time.

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