Geez, Ficlets

I learned so much more about myself and so much more about the minds of my friends.

I went through trauma on here. I lost myself in here. I cried with this writing section. I smiled, I laughed, I felt alive on here. Here, on FIclets, I grew up.

I wrote through my heartbreak. I discovered I loved to write poetry. I started to believe my intelligence didn’t have to be only shown through tests.

I… I started to figure out who I am.

God, Camillo, look what you got me into (smiling).

Ficlets. It’s really leaving, isn’t it? This is real. I’ve been telling myself it’s a lie, but it’s not. Somebody pinch me.

This is supposed to be happy, right? Remembrance on all the good times. Tears of joy, are merely tears of sadness when you’ve healed, but know the comfort is leaving before it’s time.

Geez, Ficlets… Don’t go. I don’t want to say, “It was good while it lasted,” or, “It was a great run.” I don’t want to lie. Another site is secondary to you. It won’t be the same.

I’m not going to be the same.

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