The girl and her mother

She had fallen to the ground in sheer laugher. Her laugh was as pure and true as the suns rays and her smile was even brighter. She collapsed in a field, looking up to the clouds in the sky. As the laughter began to soften, a smile began to emerge. The flowers were so beautiful and the sun so bright, she didn’t ever want to leave. It was a feeling she had never had before and one she never wanted to leave behind. You could tell this by her face, which twisted deep into thought. A shadow fell over her body, shading her from the sun. It was her mother, videotaping her daughters every breath.
“These moments are precious. I want to remember every time you smile.” her mother said.
“I smile every time I’m with you mother,â€? the daughter whispered. “So you wont miss a moment of it.”
As the daughter sat up the mother sat down and they just sat there, happy with just each other presence. Who knows how much time passed until they left, but everyone knows that the things worth remembering are the things you retain.

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