As New Jersey Freezes Over - Part 5

I was correct about the airfield right next to the capital building. Just a few small planes. I smiled. Most of them already have parachutes in them. Also, I needed Willton in the right spot. I looked to the right, and there he was. My plan was going perfectly. No one seems to be worried about a condemned prisoner of war running to an airfield.

Then it dawned on me. Death by hanging. These people were truly sick. I hope my plan works. I seriously do.

Then it happened. My buddy in front of me was first, and h e was brought up. I needed to act quick…

I then sprinted towards the air field, hopped over the fence, and toward the closest airplane. I was being followed, but not shot at, for none of them had weapons. I got into the plane and quickly attached my parachute. I knew how to fly this thing. I shot down the runway and took off.

My plan had only just started.

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