The Camp: First Meeting

When she sat down to another girl on the bus, the first thing that occurred to Chandra was how much she liked the other girl’s hair. It was a superficial thought to have, but she thought the girl’s straight red hair was very attractive.

“Hi,â€? she said.

“Hello, Chandra,â€? the girl said. Her eyes were closed and she was leaning against the window.

“Um, I didn’t tell you that…â€?

The girl’s large blue eyes snapped open. “It’s – on your duffel bag. I’m Fiona, by the way.â€?

“Nice to meet you, Fiona.â€? Chandra relaxed slightly. “Looking forward to Camp De-Cap-A-Lot?â€?

“My parents are,â€? Fiona said.

Chandra laughed. “So are mine.â€? There was a pause. “Uh, what’s with the jacket in summer weather?â€?

“A… skin condition,â€? Fiona said.

“Oh,â€? Chandra replied.

“There’s something up with this camp,â€? Fiona announced, eyes closed again.


“It’s called De-Cap-A-Lot. As in decapitation. Which is another word for getting your head cut off.â€?

“…Oh, gosh, you’re right,â€? Chandra said.


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