The Camp: Oliver

After ten or twenty minutes of amicable chatter, Chandra noticed the boy across the aisle. He was listening to his iPod and staring at the ground. He had curly brown hair and freckles. After a moment, the boy noticed her looking at him and turned.

“Oh, hi,â€? he said. “I’m Oliver.â€?

“Chandra,â€? she replied. “Nice to meet you.â€?

“Sooo, who’s the redhead?â€?

“I’m Fiona,â€? the mentioned girl said unexpectedly. “I hate when people call me a ginger, considering I don’t have freckles. Perhaps you’ve been called one before due to yours.â€?

He was rather creeped out. “I…â€?

“I meant your freckles.â€? She opened her eyes. Oliver was very unsettled realizing her eyes had been closed the entire time.

“She’s great once you get to know her,â€? Chandra said a tad desperately.

This caused a silence, after which Fiona said, “Oliver, do you watch Degrassi?â€?

Oliver hesitated. “I’ve seen it, but it isn’t that great.â€?

And with that, the three of them launched into a conversation about their favorite TV shows.

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