Rivers, Paths, and Twilights

I watched a sunset,
Oh so fleeting,
Fading to dusk,
Day and night meeting.

If I could just pause my life,
Put it on hold,
It would be now I’d do it,
For such moments are gold.

Sitting on the broken gate,
Watching the last rays dip out of sight,
The stars shining with faint light,
I ponder my life of late.

Twilight is a torn time,
A rather forlorn time,
It’s more of a fork than ever I’ve seen,
More than any other to me it does mean.

They say life’s a river, swept along in a rip tide,
Some say life’s a path, but not so to me.
Life’s a string, but to be cut by others I’ll not abide,
Life is a twilight: truth this is to me.

And so I sit on twilight’s fence,
Forced to choose from night and day.
I cannot choose- I love them both!
Neither way my mind can sway.

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