Forgive and Forget

I laid in my bed, staring up at the ceiling while thinking of what to do. I had called Addy now…I’m not even sure how many times and she didn’t answer once. I huffed in frustration and pushed my messy blonde hair out of my face. I looked around my room, seeing my funeral clothes sitting on my desk’s chair. Just seeing and knowing what they were bought for brought bile to my mouth.

I brightened at the thought of running downstairs to ask Joel for help, but then I realized his current condition: passed out on the couch with an empty bottle of vodka in his hand.

Now that wasn’t like Joel whatsoever, but hey, it’s not every lifetime your loved one gets taking away from you.

My cellphone rang then and the caller ID said it was Addy and my heart inflated with happiness.

Perhaps people can forgive and forget.

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