What I really wish I could yell at a certain someone

I’m tired. So fuckin’, god damned tired. Tired of all the crap you put me through. Can you pick please? Do you or don’t you love me?

I don’t care how many times you say it. That doesn’t make a difference. Do you mean it?

Oh this is just freakin’ awesome! So you’re afraid of relationships but your not affraid of getting caught sneaking around? You got to be kidding me. Do I look like a whore to you? Is there a giant use me sign some where on me that I’m missing?

I’m tired of waiting for you, it seems like I’m always doing it. I’m waiting for you to wake up, to answer a text, to get out of school, to stop “” (by the way, what exactly do you do while you’re bullshitting for 2 and a half hours?), to finish eating, to shower, to get over your period of selfworthlessness, to realize that all of your excuses for us not being together are fuckin’ ridiculous.

Time, fear, and bull shit. That’s what’s keeping us apart. the three greatest things ever. What ever. I’ll just keep loving you and waiting.

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