Fustrating Love

God I just want to cry. Just sit here and let the tears pour out from my eyes. Just watch them as they slowly start to flood the room. Drown myself in my own tears, that could work. Maybe that would make me forget you. Maybe that could help me move on. Stop the hurt and pain.

To bad I can’t cry. I just don’t have the strength to produce tears. You’ve stolen from me the last bit I had. Actually I don’t have a heart either. You’ve shredded the last little bits of that too.

How is it that you can make me so wonderfully happy one day and so completely miserable the next? How is it that you can light my world and then send it into utter darkness? Maybe you don’t realize that you do this. Maybe you don’t notice the agony you put me through. The suffering.

I’m not a hundred percent sure, but I don’t think love should be this way. I know we should have fights and disagreements and ocassionally hurt eachother but so soon and so much? I don’t know and I don’t understand.

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