She’s a dreamer.
She thinks… hopes… that, that “love” they’re always talking about is real. She wants it.

She wants it bad.

She just… can’t wait to be tied to someone. Can’t wait for someone to mean the world to her. Can’t wait to care for someone that much.

She just can’t wait.

And she thinks about it…
She thinks about it a lot. She thinks about it until she starts crying… starts wondering why she doesn’t have it. She makes herself feel, so so alone.

So what are you going to do.
Tell her to get out of the dreamland? Tell her to stop dreaming? Stop hoping? Because it’s hurting her… it’s making her feel sad? Bad about herself?

Maybe it is. Maybe she shouldn’t be dreaming so much.

But who are you to say that? Who are you to tell her that it’s bad to be dreaming all of the time? Who are you to tell her to get out of her fantasy?

No one. And I’m no one too.
We’re no one to tell her.
So don’t look down on her.

She’s a dreamer.
At least she’s something.

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