The Results of Curiousity

Simon moved away from the front door, glancing left then right. Overgrown shrubbery, defining the perimeter, obscured the house’s foundation line from being properly seen. He leapt down the front stairs and bolted to the right, ever so often stopping in his tracks and falling flush to the ground, his eyes searching desperately.

“What the…?” Sarah muttered. “Simon? What the heck are you doing?”

“Forget the fire,” Simon replied. “I need to find a basement window. Head to the…” Simon’s words trailed off, he had found what he was seeking: a mud-covered glass pane at ground level. Pushing wild plants out of his path, he used his shirtsleeve to wipe away the grime. Satisfied that he would be able to peer inside, Simon cupped his hands around his eyes and pressed them to the window.

It took Simon’s eyes several seconds to adjust properly to the lack of light, but then a form emerged against the back wall of the basement: a gorgeous female, chained and shackled, devoid of clothing. And she had a cat’s head.

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