Etching with an adrenaline rush(manwhore series)

doing what? must be something he said to me one time and I forgot.letting it slip..

What if it was getting back together with Bailey? Oh no..

getting togethr w/bailey? I texted back


fine..leve me out of it


It was finally Monday morning and Aydan and I had to go to school..leaving Lark to herself.

She was already asleep so I left her a note and let her sleep peacefully.

I was so eyes were etching with purple and my hair was a mess.

“Wanna skip?” I said with a rush.

“You? Wow..cant miss this opportunity like this..” Aydan joked.

“Well..I’ve ditched just dont know it.”

“Ok..sure” He said with a grin.

“Where do you want to go?” I asked.

“MMm…what about the movies?” He proposed.

“Ya..I love movies..lets pick either a scary one or a horror one..” I said.

“there the same thing…” He said looking awkwardly at me.’

“No, theres a distinction, in scary, im holding you, in horror,you’re holdng me..”

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