Dear God, Save Me From Your Followers

Dear God, Save Me From Your Followers.

The exile is almost unbearable.

How can you say to love everyone yet exclude Gays.

Why would you create us if you don’t want us.

Why have you put me in hell only according to your words I am destined to go there yet again but for all eternity.

Your followers have your words wrong.

Show me some sign that your listening…. anything.

They say pain is weakness leaving the body yet I feel weaker.

They slander me with a singe, that will last well into my afterlife.

The pages of your words keep turning, I feel your not listening.

Are my tears not enough?

Are the scars hard to see?

How can I follow your rules when I know you don’t watch over me, like your not right now.

I guess there is no fairytale ending to every story, there’s just a picture to burn, are you just made up, please prove me wrong.

My blood is staining the steps outside one of your churches.

My eyes will soon close.

Dear God, save me from your followers.


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