Trying to Hold

I woke up the next morning..full of anticipation..

I got to school and went straight to my locker. I got be books for the first block and saw Juliana looking..not great for once

She looked like she would explode any minute.

Her hair was desheveled, and her makeup was done like a normal teenager.

I noticed she wasnt with anyone..she actually looked lost..and it was like a …no..

NO mercy

but she looked broken..

As she walked closer to me, I noticed the smudges under her eyes..she’d been crying..a lot

She quickly dodged for the bathroom, I got curious and followed her.

As she went in..all the other girls emerged out and started whispering.






As they went out, I locked the bathroom door and headed over to Juliana, she was crouched in the corner..crying..trying to hold herself..

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