teen love story

“Is it of what happend before?” He simply said.

“Um..a little” I spoke softly, breathing into his shirt..soaking most of it actually.

“Im sorry you cant trust me..” The way he said was supposed to make me feel better..but if made me feel guilty instead.

“ just..I’ve had a bad experience with the whole subject of guys and…well….uh..welll your so perfect I thought his was too good to be true..its just not life..” I said.

“Well….Im here..Im yours..and I … you..” He said carefully

“Really?” I said in disbelief

“’re my everything, and never want you to feel like this..”

“I- I…I Love you to….and Im sorry” I said

“Dont be..maybe I took things to fast”

wow..he’s blaming this on himself..



“Let’s make this a happy teen love story”

He smiled at me

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