Settle down honey

As my eyes finally fluttered open, my whole body started to ache, my head felt heavy, and my veins seemed like they were burning.

“Fay?...fay?” A voice called out to me..

“Am I dead?”

“No sweetie..your’re in the ER, you…well…you and you’re little friend had a lit—a big were hit by a drunk driver..” The voice i looked up I saw it was a small ,an wearing all white except for black dresspants. He carried a stethiscope around his neck.

“Where’s Jake? Is he hurt? What happend to him?” I quickly asked.

“well you see..theres been a complication..”

“What??!” I said.

“Settle down honey..ok..well see he took the fall while he was trying to protect you..he’s having surgery as we speak..”

“Is he going to be okay?” I said through my teeth

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