A different Way of Thinking

His hands vigorously danced across the faded keys, like lightning across a dark horizon. His head bobbed back and forth with the beat as he poured his feelings out his finger tips.

There was nothing he couldn’t do, or play for that matter, but now, between the red satin curtains, he played from his heart. Each note as unexpected to him as it was to the audience.

His eyes were closed, but the keys jumped through his mind like a flock of birds flying past a window. Mozart’s “Andante Cantabile,” sat in front of him, but only to ward off any cheesy “inspiration” questions he might get in the bar afterwards.

Nothing ran through his mind except his deepest thoughts. His daughters wedding was played in the higher octaves, and moved down lower as his sisters illness found its way in. Next came his son’s terrible grade card, which included many sharps and flats. Suddenly came his mothers death. Adam eyed the last measures of the Piece of music, played them, and wiping away a tear, walked off stage, applauded.

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