training for the future

She peered into the huge coruscating orb before her with a worried look before she turned to me. “I can’t do this, Uncle Peter.â€?

I sighed inwardly. “Celeste, your training will not conclude unless you move this sphere. You can do this.â€?

Tears began to well up in her eyes. “But what if I’m not the one to do this?â€?

She sniffled once more and turned towards the orb, wiping the tears from her face. Closing her eyes and extending her right hand, she became very still.

A wind swept up from all around, so strong a wind that it threatened to blow away the world, yet it never touched us. The sphere hovered from its base and moved across the room to its new home, falling dark as it do so.

Celeste turned to face me then, her eyes glowing with that haunting blue light from the orb, her entire being suffused with her newfound power. She smiled and said, “Am I ready now, Uncle Peter?â€?

God help me, she was ready.

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