What now?

“Why won’t everyone just calm down for once. I mean, everyone is going at each other’s throats like you wouldn’t believe.”

” I know. If this keeps up, we are never going to last. If only there was a way to stop this now before it gets out of control.”

“But how, I mean if we try to stop it now, think of the consequences that could follow! We could become outcasts, or even be fired, and even then we probably wouldn’t have an effect!”

” Well we don’t know until we try. Even though it could end in disaster, it also could end in us being heros, which I think would be rather nice.”

“Ohhhh, allright, but if this goes wrong, I blame you.”

“Fine by me, so long as you stay by me till the end, O.K.?”

“Fineeeee. So then, smart guy, what’s the plan?”

” O.K., listen…

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