shut up already

listen any stuck up people out there, here is what need to do to be liked, and yes though you might think youre like by a lot of people but your not, sorry to burst your bubble. you need to stop thinking about all the ugly people out there that have no fashion sense what so ever, and start thinking about the world and how you are destroying it. just get out there and do something that could actually help someone. someone has a problem you listen. im tired of hearing about how ugly that top is. if it makes you feel better give them a good looking top so that at least you know you helped someone and they end up looking better. plant a tree do something. dont just sit there and think your all that cuz your not. if your not gonna care about school then dont go and stop wasting peoples time. im sick of it and so is everyone else. so in the morning have a nice big cup of shutthehellup!

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