The worst story ever.... or is it?

I swear one day Hitler’s going to kill himself.

Either him or me. And I’ll wait, oh man I’ll wait. I’m a Christian, but I have nothing against Jews, unlike Adolf. You can’t even begin to imagine the dirty looks I get being a Hitler. My older half-brother is the ruler of Germany and the worst man on the planet. And can you beleive the crap he gives me? All of the Swastika jackets and sweaters… and of course I have to wear it…. son of a gun threatens me. A fifteen year old…. traveling in the same freaking vehicle as her ahem evil half brother isn’t right. But here I am, staring at my hands, wishing the blood running through them wasn’t the same as Adolf’s, and sighing. I push my newly dyed blonde hair out of my face and look at Adolf with my somehow naturally blue eyes, wondering how this man with the stupid mustache is gonna plan to take what he wants like a child going through the “mine” phase. It’s just wrong, I tell ya, wrong.

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