The house on the hill

The gravel crackled and shifted under each step of his steel-toed boot. The truck was better left at the road. After all, most driveways like this didn’t have enough space for a four-wheel-drive hemi to turn around. But actually that wasn’t the point right now. Angela slid her petite arm through his. He glanced down at her hand resting on his forearm and he tried to disguise his heart rate speed up. He couldn’t ruin his image of the man whom no woman could toutch. But as they walked together up this drive, they stopped when they caught sight of the house on the hill. Anglela looked at him, but he didn’t look back at her.
“Wait here,” He said under his breath.
She took her arm from his arm and felt a horrible sinking feeling. don’t leave me. She thought to herself. Without him there how would she be protected?

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