The Game of Guilt

We were in love. Until I messed things up.
My impatience and my nagging got to him.
I treated him like shit at times, but at other
Times it was like we were perfect lovers
Why did I do it, yeah our relationship was…
Rough him and I not seeing each other often
But I loved him, that wasn’t a lie and he loved me
I was in Seattle with my mother and my sister,
My 2 year old nephew and 3 month old niece
5 minutes before I was going to make the 4 hour drive
Home he breaks up with me. I couldn’t breathe
The tears stung my eyes and the world became
Blurry. It was my fault. It was all me, I knew that
Only I can make a patient, kind, gentle man snap.
10 months we were together and I was counting
The days until our 1 year. When he broke up with
Me I cried for days. As always when I cry for love
It rained. Downpour. Its a Pagan thing.
God its been 2 months, and I still miss him
“Friends” thats what he wants. My heart can’t take that
But we are because as much as it kills me…
I love him.

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