Another Trick?

Hell, they looked and talked like aliens, they had a technology that could knock our spaceship half-way across the galaxy without making a blip in their power core outage.

“Are you sure?” I asked Kayla. “They did look rather odd, like purple pyramids.”

“Absolutely positive,” Kayla answered. “Those thought capsules are used to navigate the world.”

I stopped, a sick feeling in my stomach scurried through me. Surely it couldn’t be? I’d done this End of the World trip a thousand times and never…

“For God’s sake, Kayla. Please don’t tell me they’re human.”

“As good as,” Kayla didn’t oblige me. “When they found the earth was disintegrating the entire global population underwent an ultranet integration. Everyone became electronic personalities within the gigantic I.P.A.C cpu in the ship we saw. Seems they were just waiting until one of us came along to lead them back to our time.”

“S$$t!” I said. This could be trouble.

“S$$t!” I repeated. There was a trillion credit profit in this.

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