The room was hotter then hell. Even with the window open and a fan blowing in his face he couldn’t stop sweating. He imagined this was how his ex-girlfriend felt after they had sex and she got hot flashes.
At 40 years old, Tom Schydler couldn’t manage to keep a steady girlfriend for more then two weeks. What can he say, women are all the same to him. Especially women his age. I need a fucking romantic comedy, miracle! he thought as the sweat continued to drip off his face onto his hairy chest.
He is probably the only man alive in the United States who actually enjoys romantic comedies, to read and in the movies.
Tom closed his eyes, wishing to hear a woman scream so he could help her with whatever problem she has. During which she would fall madly in love with him. He indulged himself by thinking of his favorite fantasy.
The perfect woman flinging open the door to his apartment and ravaging him right then and there.

However, a sudden knock on the door startled Tom out of his little fantasies….

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