The Sunken City of the Dead: I

The V-107 Submarine was the latest in underwater exploration, and it was now carrying Samuel King and Cory Write through the murkey waters 73 miles east of the Gulf of Mexico. Samuel peered through the porthole at the ocean floor.

Cory, who was piloting the sub stared baffled at his charts. Samuel noticed this.

“Somthing worng?”

“Yeah, these charts show a plain, but if you look ahead, you can see a drop off.”

“It’s probably not deep enough to show on the charts.”

15 minutes later, the duo saw that the charts were obviously wrong, for the drop off went down a good 150 meters. After some dilberation, Cory radioed the command ship above.

“Requesting permission to explore on charted depths.”

“Go ahead, as long as we keep your signal.”

The sub crossed the drop off, and began to descend. Looking out the side window, samuel waited for the ground to appear, and when it did, he was astonished to see it was covered in stone buildings and pathways, lined with seaweed.

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