The Sunken City of the Dead: II

“Are you seeing this?!” Samuel called to Cory as he took in the view of the underwater ruins.

“Yeah, this is big. I’m gonna try to get down lower.”

As the sub approached what the pair saw as a “Main Street,” Samuel bagan to see some sort of life in the city.

“Cory, there are fish down there, but i cant get a good veiw.”

“Hold your horses, we’ll be looking them in the eye in no time,” but as they approached the stone street, the life had vanished.

“I don’t get it! Where did they all go?” Asked Samuel as the sub slowly moved between the cobblestone buildings. Suddenly, Samuels eye caught the image of a skeleton sitting against one of the buildings.

“Oh my gods Cory, a body!” The sub slowed to a stop in the water as the snapped photos of the white bones. Niether of them noticed a quiet, but shrill tapping on the other side window.

“What is that noise?” Asked Cory, propping himself up to look behind at the other window. Another skeleton was standing there, tapping a boney finger on the glass.

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