The Sunken City of the Dead: III

“Holy shit it’s alive!” Creid cory.

Another series of taps erupted on thier window. Quickly spinning around, they found the skeleton they had been photographing was now standing right in front of them, tapping on the window.

Samuel dug through his bag until he found his video camera and began recording the tapping skeletons. Croy, who was looking past the skeletons, noticed more and more coming up to the sub. “I think we should get out of here.”

“You’re right, lets go!”

Cory pulled back on the steering rod, but the sub remind motionless.

“What the hell? Cory, I think they’re tying us down. Yeah I’m sure they are.”

In a panic, they watched the skeletons toss a green rope over the sub, which was fastened to the ground. Cory tugged on the steering rod and fired up the engines, but the ropes held them down tight. The skeletons were now pounding on the windows with rocks.

“That’s not good under this pressure,” Samuel said, grabbing up the radio, but it was too late, water jetted into the sub.

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