Guilty Pleasure Friends

My fiance is a veritable collector of guilty pleasure friends. We all have one or two guilty pleasure friends, or GPFs. GPFs are those people that you are inexplicably drawn to…inexplicably because they are socially conspicous, socially inappropriate, and when the perfect combination of these two factors are met, they are socially dangerous.

Like I said, we all have them. But no one as quiet, wise, or respectful as Michael has half as many GPFs as he does in his life.

We sat together at the kitchen table one night, looking over the invitees to a wedding shower my parents are going to throw for us in a couple months. Most of the people invited were people only I knew, so I asked Michael if there was anyone close to my parents’ part of the state that he’d like to invite.

“What about that friend of yours in Baraga?”

“Mmm…I think he’d just try to hit on your mom.”

Another GPF ?!? But I was curious, and I wanted him to have someone there he knew, so I decided to press the issue.

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